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The Best Christian Teen Fiction for Teen Boys

It has taken me years to convince my now teen son that books are awesome. He used to have this weird aversion to the Library that would leave me and his siblings baffled and scratching our heads. He would complain about the smell of the books, the way the pages felt, the sounds the library made. I began to think he had some serious sensory issues going on, and maybe he did, but he eventually grew out of them- much to the relief of this book-loving mama.

Last summer he got his hands on the first book that he has ever read and couldn’t put down. I of course went out and bought or reserved everything the author ever wrote. It’s then that I began to search for all of the most awesome books for pre-teens and teens. I came up with a Christian fiction book list that is sure to keep your pre-teen/teen guy reading.

I’m a fan of series books, because I just hate for a good story to end.

The Best Christian Book Series for Pre-Teens and Teens

Christian Teen Fiction

Dragon Keepers Chronicles-by Donita K Paul

Christian Fiction

The Dragonkeeper Chronicles are a five-book Christian teen fantasy series by  author Donita K. Paul, which follows a slave girl named Kale and Bardon a knight in training.

Epic Order of the Seven – by Jenny L. Cote 

Christian Fiction

“The Epic adventure begins with the two-book prequel series: The Amazing Tales of Max & Liz, where the Maker begins building His team of animals to be His envoys through pivotal points of history. Max, Liz, Kate and Al launch the adventure in book one, The Ark, the Reed, and the Fire Cloud, and are joined by their British mouse friend, Nigel, in book two, The Dreamer, the Schemer, and the Robe. With book three, The Prophet, the Shepherd, & the Star, the team of seven animals is finally complete, and known forevermore as the Order of the Seven for the remainder of the book series.”

Son of Angels by Jerel Law

Christian Fiction

“What if Nephilim—the children of angels and men—still walked the earth? And their very presence put the entire world in danger? In Spirit Fighter, Jonah and Eliza Stone learn that their mother is a Nephilim and that they have special powers as quarter-angels. When their mom is kidnapped by fallen angels, they must use those powers to save her.  Along the way, they discover that there is a very real and dangerous war going on between good and evil and that God has a big part for them to play in that war.”

The Kingdom Series by Chuck Black

“Good and evil clash. Leinad and Cedric are determined to not only survive, but claim hope and victory! In Kingdom’s Dawn, Leinad and Tess, along with all the king’s people, must escape slavery by the powerful Lord Fairos. Kingdom’s Hope finds them free and arriving in the Chessington Valley. But when they forget the king, will Kergon and the Kessons capture them for good?”

The Door Within Trilogy by Thomas Batson

Door Within Trilogy


“Aidan Thomas is miserable. Within two weeks, Aidan’s life is completely uprooted as his parents move the family across the country to care for his ailing grandfather. The quiet but imaginative Aidan is struggling with attending a new school and fitting in with a new group of friends. But when he begins having nightmares and eerie events occur around his neighborhood, Aidan finds himself drawn to his grandfather’s basement—where he discovers three ancient scrolls and a mysterious invitation to another world. No longer confined to the realm of his own imagination, Aidan embarks on an adventure where he discovers a long-fought war between good and evil. With the fate of two worlds hanging in the balance, Aidan faces Paragory, the eternal enemy with unfathomable power. Will Aidan be willing to risk everything and trust the unseen hand of the one true King?”

Passages The Marus Manuscripts  by Paul McCusker

“The Marus Manuscripts are thinly veiled biblical allegories. “Darien’s Rise” is a retelling of the story of King David; “Arin’s Judgment” is a retelling of the story of Noah; and the story of Esther is detailed in “Annison’s Risk.”

Christian Fiction

Merlin’s Immortals by Sigmund Brouwer

Christian Fiction

“Full of surprising twists, shocking betrays, and baffling mysteries. But at the heart the story is about courage, wisdom, and hope.” The throne is redeemed, but the battle is just beginning. In the dark corners of an ancient land, evil lurks in the shadows. Powerful druids haunt the spaces of their lost territory. Double-minded noblemen fight for domain and influence. Invaders from the north threaten the kingdom of Magnus. The land of promise and redemption is mired in deceit and corruption. The Orphan King, once victorious in conquest, appears to be losing his grip on his seat of power. Thomas rules Magnus, but does not know whom he can trust. When the mist clears, who will stand with him?”


Are there other Christian Teen Books that you would recommend?


Christian Teen Fiction


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