Sight Word Caterpillar

Teaching Sight words with the Sight Word Caterpillar

Learning sight words is one of those necessary components to teaching reading. If you don’t already have learning sight words as a part of your phonics instruction, then now is the perfect time to get started. Did you know that over 80% of the words your children read in their literature come from the Dolch sight word list? Once your student can fluently read these words they will have an easier time reading the books and schoolwork that they encounter. This Sight Word Caterpillar is the perfect learning tool to get started with.

So to sum it up… learning sight words is pretty darn important.

If you are looking for a way to continually add fun and keep your child engaged with their reading skills, you will definitely want to add the Sight Word Caterpillar to your classroom. This cute little bug comes with 49 sight words that trail after the cute little caterpillar head.

Sight Word Caterpillar

Take time each day to learn a new sight word and complete a sight word activity. Every time your student interacts with the word in different ways it will help them be able to recognize it more quickly and help improve their fluency.

Depending on your student’s reading and fluency level you can choose to either teach 1-3 sight words at a time.

How do you teach Sight words? 

  1. Start out by introducing the word. Hold up the sight word and say it’s name.
  2. Tell your student to repeat the word.
  3. Spell the word out loud and have your student repeat.
  4. Trace the word on the caterpillar
  5. Trace the word in the air
  6. Turn the word over and see if your student can spell the word on their own.
  7. Tape the word onto the body of the Caterpillar
  8. Review each word each day
  9. Chose a Sight word activity to make learning sight words even more fun!

Sight Words

Sight Word Activities:

Sight Word Hunt (hide sight words around the house and go on a hunt for them)

-Use magnetic letters to spell out sight words

-Use playdough to form the sight words

-Create a memory game out of notecards, by writing the sight words on them.  Turn them over to make matches.

-Look for the sight words in magazines and either cut out or circle them.

-Spell out the sight words in shaving cream or pudding

-Use watercolors to paint sight words

-Write sight words on rocks and hide them around the yard, then go on a hunt to collect them.

An entire list of Sight word Activities are in the Free Sight Word Download 

Teaching Sight Words

Using this cute sight word caterpillar your student will visually see their progress and be able to daily practice and review the words that they have learned.

Sight Word Caterpillar for wall

If you are looking for some other great Sight Word Activities, check out this post 



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