Springtime and Butterflies

After 15 years living in our home, we are packing up and moving across town to a home that will be a better fit for our family. We are over the moon excited about this next chapter, but of course that means that our days have been filled with house hunting, house selling, packing, cleaning… and not much else. Thankfully the older kids are mostly self sufficient with their school work- so only a little mom guilt has worked it’s way in.

Springtime is my favorite time! This is the time of year that we are outside planting our garden, filling in our flower pots, hunting for ladybugs and butterflies and enjoying the warmer weather. Currently there has been no time for any of that to happen! With the impending move- as well as the rain that we can’t seem to get away from, there has been very little springtime jubilee.

We might not be able to hunt for butterflies, but we did take a break from packing to enjoy this butterfly unit from Sara at Raising Human Beans. It was such a fun break from all the packing.  Maddie our youngest is our nature girl, always bringing in bugs and asking us to come look at something outside, so she really enjoyed this unit.

Butterfly unit

We have several butterfly books that we own, so we broke those out to look at pictures and to have some discussion about butterflies. One of the first questions that came up was “What is the difference between butterflies and moths?” I was excited to see that this question was answered in the unit materials.

Butterfly Unit

You can’t have a butterfly unit without describing the butterfly life cycle. Madelyn enjoyed creating her own life cycle after reading about the different stages.

And we moved right into the parts of the butterfly. She was able to follow directions and place the labels where they needed to go on the butterfly.

Butterfly Unit

Butterfly unit

We learned about the habitats of butterflies and where they like to live. This was something that brought a lot of discussion a few years ago when we raised butterflies and released them. Our children were so concerned about where they would end up.

We spent considerable time discussing the difference between moths and butterflies, since that was the number one question she wanted an answer to.

Butterfly unit

I love a good Venn Diagram and this was a great activity to show the difference between moths and butterflies. Madelyn was fascinated to learn that butterflies rest with their wings closed and moths rest with their wings open. She wanted to run out and observe this on her own right away!

There was a great research project that went along with this unit, but we didn’t have time to include it this time around. I also would have loved to include the diorama or other projects that were suggested, but hopefully once we get settled into our new digs, we will have plenty of of opportunity to work on some of these great extras.

I found tons of other great units on Sarah’s website that I hope to be able to use once life returns to normal for us. Jump over there and enjoy the break from your normal routine!


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