Smartick Online Math Program {Review}

For the last few months I have been seeing ads for Smartick math pop up in my newsfeed and hearing the online program mentioned here and there in homeschool groups, and I became really intrigued. The program guarantees progress in math with just 15 minutes a day! Hmmmm.

Our darling youngest will do anything to escape school, so if we can do math in 15 minutes a day- then count me in!

What is Smartick? 

Smartick is an online math learning program that uses artificial intelligence to adapt to your students learning pace. Each student begins with an assessment that determines where they will begin with the lessons and then it creates an individualized plan for your student.

Smartick combines math, reading comprehension as well as  logic and reasoning for a complete program.

How we used it:

We have worked with this program for about 5 weeks so far. We averaged about 4 times a week, and if we didn’t have a full day out of the house on Mondays, we would have definitely used the program every day.

The parent page helps you keep track of your student’s usage.

Online Math program


We only used Smartick with Maddie, our seven year old because she is the one that is struggling the most with school, and I knew she would benefit the most with this technology.  If you have a student that is struggling with reading, Smartick has the option to have the problem read to them, by clicking an icon at the top of the page.

The Program 

Every session starts off by asking the student how it feels. I always get a good laugh at how my daughter approaches this… it’s almost always with a sad or indifferent face.

Math learning program

Each lesson typically touches on a few different math lessons, all while working on comprehension and logic.


Math for kids

Smartick math

Once they have completed the lesson they are given their score for the day.

Online math program

At the end of each lesson they are given “ticks” which they are then able to use to purchase avatars and other things in the store.

One of the aspects of this program that I really appreciate is that it allows them to go back and correct any of the problems they missed. For weeks Maddie had no interest in correcting any of her problems, until she figured out that by correcting her missed problems, she would get closer to buying that big dog that she really wanted her avatar to have!

And when all is said and done, they circle back to how your student is feeling at the end. I’m happy to say on most days she always clicked the happy face. {whew!}

smartick learning

The Extra Fun stuff! 

Once they have completed the lesson, there is still plenty of learning left to do. Only they don’t really know it’s learning…shhhh.

On this board they can play games that help develop their memory, logic and comprehension skills, or they can visit the store, find other friends that use Smartick or even do do some extra lessons to solidify what they are learning.

Math games


online math learning

We haven’t spent a lot of time on the extra tutorials that they offer but the ones that we have done, are really great. I think they really help with the understanding of the concepts that are being taught.

online math tutoring

The Parent Page: 

There is a lot of information to be found on the parent page. You can keep track of your student’s sessions, progress, and personalize their awards.

math progress

What we thought of Smartick:

This program is the bomb dot com. I don’t get super excited about too many online programs. But the intuitiveness of this program is really impressive.  I think it takes a gentle approach to teaching math. It might confuse some that the program does not teach a lesson before beginning the problems.

I actually like this approach. Through the actual work of logic and reasoning students figure out what is being asked of them and how to complete the problem correctly. I will admit that there was some frustration with some of the problems at first, because of this – specifically the pattern problems. But through trial and error, she began to understand.

The tutorials DO teach. So if there were concepts that you notice that your child was having some difficulty with, you could have them work through some lessons this way.

I also found the email summaries of my child’s progress after every lesson really helpful.

This is a program that you will hear me talking about for a long time! If you have any questions about our experience with Smartick feel free to email, put it in the comments or send me a FB message! I would love to share!


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