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Grab your best girls and if you can rope your boys in- grab them as well. Princess Cut is a sweet family film by Watchman Pictures. There are few movies out today that you can feel good sitting the whole family down and watching without fear of language, scantily clad women or sexual innuendos. You will find none of that here. Grab your popcorn and your favorite movie snacks and enjoy.

Princess Cut The Movie


Poor Grace has seen her days of bad relationships. Her heart has been broken one too many times. All she longs for is the “right” man to come along and sweep her off her feet, not to mention place a pretty princess cut diamond on her hand. When she meets a man in a coffee shop she begins to think her luck is turning. He is attentive and enjoys being around her. Without her family’s blessing she finds herself in the middle of a relationship that eventually turns sour. Heartbroken and confused she reaches out to her parents. Her father gives her the sage advice of waiting on God to bring the right man into her life. Grace makes a decision to turn her time and efforts to her family and focusing on the Lord. It’s not long after this decision that a handsome young neighbor asks to for Grace’s parents blessing to court her. Their relationship takes a slow start and is complicated by past girlfriends and boyfriends but in the end, of course love wins. See the official trailer here:


While I don’t believe everyone will buy into the ideology of the entire film, I think more conservative Christian circles will embrace the innocence and purity that this film has to offer. It is what we all desire for our family, our children. It hosts strong Christian values, honor, integrity, purity before marriage, honoring your parents and God.

Princess Cut allowed us to talk about hard issues like guilt, not placing yourselves in compromising situations, and waiting on the Lord.

I loved that the father played such a strong role in the family, and that he truly had wise words that we want all our daughters to hear.

Yes, this film has a predictable ending, and yes some of the acting is cheesy and not always believable, but I would compromise on all of that for more films like this to be made. Having said that, I actually think that the quality of the movie was pretty good. Christian Films have come a long way since films like Flywheel (which I also loved). I look forward to the next Watchman Pictures Film.

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