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Planning for a Kindergarten Graduation {Review}

My baby is in Kindergarten this year. I say that with a bundle of emotion. In just 12 very short years she will graduate high school and be headed out on her own. That may seem overdramatic, but she is my youngest, so I bear the right. I have already settled into what I call the “mourning” years with my oldest as she continues to betray me by edging closer to that time herself. Bittersweet. Last month I received Maddie’s Kindergarten Graduation Cap, Gown, Tassel and Diploma in the mail from Homeschool Diploma, and I teared up at the thought that the year is almost over and we are marking another milestone off.

kindergarten graducation cap and gown


Our Co-op is having a Kindergarten graduation this year, so I will get to see this adorable munchkin march across a stage with all the pomp and circumstance, mimicking what it will be like as she takes that same walk in a few short years with just a bigger cap and robe. Kindergarten graduation is so fun! When my son had his kindergarten graduation we went all out with a speaker, music, and a party afterwards. The kids all were handed a special diploma and had their pictures taken.

cap and gown

This year may not be quite as elaborate but after the ceremony there will be cake. Isn’t that all that really matters? And seriously, look at this cute kid. When I asked her to try on her cap and gown she insisted on putting on her “special” make up to go along with it. Take notice of the purple eyeshadow.  (Teenage years, watch out!)

kindergarten diploma

I plan on having some professional pictures made of her in her cap and gown before the year is over, so that I can display it next to her high school one at her high school graduation party. Won’t that be cute!

kindergarten graduation diploma

Look at the inside of this cap. It has a place for all her kindergarten friends to sign their names. I love that!

graduation cap

The cap and gown came from Homeschool Diploma, this is the perfect go to company for all your graduation needs. They have caps, gowns, tassels, class rings and diplomas along with graduation announcements.  They even have diplomas if you are doing an 8th grade graduation! I like that their ordering process is simple and that because they understand the homeschool market, you don’t have to purchase a large quantity of items to get a fair price.

I appreciated the variety of options they have available to choose from for gowns, tassels and charms. It was rather easy choosing something for our little kindergarten graduate because I wanted it to be simple, but when I go to place my high school graduation order It’s going to be fun to sit down with my oldest and decide on the different colors and choices that will line up with our graduation plans.

graduation tassel

They also have fast shipping, I placed my order and within a few days my box with Maddie’s cap, gown, tassel and diploma had arrived. It’s obvious that they aim to please their customers.

kindergarten graduation

If your curious what the other diplomas look like,  here they are:

High School Diploma with 7
Eighth Grade or Junior High School Diploma with 7

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  1. This is so sweet. I remember my mother having the hard to “let me go” when I was in college. I can feel that she really appreciate every bit of time i’m in the house with the family. Growing up is bittersweet. And mothers are the best. Cheers to you and your little girl! 🙂

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