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My First Report: Solar System {A Review}

We really enjoyed using My First Report: Solar System from Hewitt Homeschooling Resources with Maddie, our first grader daughter.  She has always been fascinated with space so I knew that this would be the perfect unit to work through as a fun end of year activity.

Hewitt Homeschooling resources

If you are trying to work the entire unit study into your other school work, you will probably be overwhelmed. This is a comprehensive study that is meant to last an entire quarter, going over one topic a week. Or, if unit studies aren’t your thing,  it can be used to work specifically on reporting skills and you can stick to just the reports.

Included in Each Unit



Social Studies


Language Arts



Physical Education



Field Trip Suggestions


How it works:

The first report series is used to help children develop their reporting skills in a creative way by guiding children in finding the right material by asking specific questions.

The Solar System and Space comes with reports for each planet as well as the sun,moon, asteroids, comets and meteors. You could easily answer the questions by writing a short report on the given lined paper and then stop right there, or you can delve into the unit study further with all the extra resources and activities provided in the packet.

My Favorite Parts:

Honestly I find that in most unit studies the activities are little more than busy work. While there is some of that in study, the author did a great job including real learning activities. I appreciated all the extra science activities that were included in the unit study. And while I’m not one of those super fun moms that goes all out in a science experiment, there were many choices that were as simple as needing a pair of binoculars or a sheet of white and black paper.

How we used it:

This is summer y’all! So we didn’t dive all the way into the unit study like I would have done during the school year- not to mention that little thing we did this month… MOVE.  But because Maddie really loves learning about space, we did report on Mercury and Venus and worked through the handwriting practice with the verses provided. We did manage to get a few of the no fuss projects completed as well.

Hewitt Homeschooling

I’m actually looking forward to some lazy summer nights where we can do some stargazing and moon charting, now that some of the crazy has died down.

A few great ideas and resources included in the unit:

-Research biographies of astronomers, make a vocabulary notebook, chart the planets from smallest to largest, create a large model of the universe in your backyard, draw the moon phases and so much more!

Hewitt Homeschooling Resources has a lot of different unit studies to choose from. We were given two other first report studies that I’m looking forward to doing: Bugs and Worms and Famous People. Both of them look just as awesome!

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