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Discussion Book Series and A Boy and His Dog by Kayla Jarmon
Kayla Jarmon is a talented author whose passion is storytelling. As part of the Review Crew I recently received  three books, A Boy and His DogDying is Part of This World, and Don’t Forget Me.  These books are digital books and can be found on her website and downloaded to Kindle.

The first book A Boy and His Dog is a sweet book about how boys never outgrow their love for dogs. It has bright colorful illustrations and simple sentences that tell the story of the true friendship that exist between a boy and his dog.

We have recently just added a puppy to our family so this was a fun quick read with my youngest. She enjoyed pointing out the similarities and differences of our new pup to the one in the story.

Don’t forget Me is the first book in the Discussion Book Series. This story imagines a conversation taking place between God and baby while the baby is in his mother’s womb and as he prepares to make his way into the world. It reminds us that from the beginning we were never without Him. It is also a sweet peek into pregnancy and the love that a mother and father have for their unborn children as they wait in expectancy for their arrival.

My youngest is quite precocious. It’s become a little bit of a joke between us, but I will often hug her and say “But I don’t want you to grow up” and she will often respond “I don’t want you to grow old and die!” Even at the age of 6 she understands that growing old means that one day there will be an end to our life. My middle child has a lot of anxiety about her parents dying. She will often stay awake until we get home from a night out, just to be sure we made it home safely. Dying Is Part of This World is a sweet book about this tough subject.  In the story a mother and daughter are traveling in the car and the daughter expresses her fear of her mother dying. The discussion continues in each chapter as the mom is explaining why she doesn’t have to fear death by pointing her daughter to heaven. The book uses scripture and discussion questions to dig deeper into the topic.

Dying is Part of This World uses an analogy of our time on earth being like our time in the womb. We were never meant to remain there. She continues the analogy and weaves it through several chapters in a unique and relevant way.

There are 7 chapters in this Discussion book:

  1. Fear of Death
  2. Remembering
  3. Preparation Stages
  4. Time Here and There
  5. Help with Losing Someone
  6. The Second Death
  7. God’s Economy

I read the first 4 chapters with my youngest, but my 9 year old was able to read and understand the whole book.

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