Homeschool Stress

Homeschooling is Stressful

Have you ever got to the end of your school year, wait… lets back up a bit,  the end of of your school week and ask yourself “What have we accomplished?” I do this all the time. I mean, All. The. Time. Homeschooling is stressful! I don’t have to tell you that the weight of our children’s education falls on our shoulders, I’m sure the gravity of that hasn’t escaped you. But how do we handle the weight of this responsibility without crumbling under the stress of it all?

Lean on Jesus, it’s not just a cliche 

There is one verse that I regularly return to throughout the year. I hold tightly to this promise.

He will tend his flock like a shepherd; he will gather the lambs in his arms; he will carry them in his bosom, and gently lead those that are with young.  Isaiah 40:11

Oh sweet mother… can we not just raise our hands in thankfulness that we do not have to do this alone. He LEADS us.

Practice Self Care 

Sometimes we just have to get away. When you’re a mom with littles this seems almost impossible, but I am not lying when I tell you that I am known to spend copious amounts of time in my car alone in the driveway. And sometimes I shower multiple times a day, just to relax and be by myself. We need time to think, to reflect, to pray, to rest.

Find a good friend that is willing to trade some babysitting with you, it is a glorious thing to be alone in our own house for a few hours.

Put Margins in your life

My stress level is high when my life is full without margin. I did a rare thing this semester, I said no. I said no a lot. No to awesome field trips, No to play dates, no to extra practices. I said no, to everything that wasn’t essential.  And friends… it was GLORIOUS.

If there are things in your life that your family can do without, take some time away from them for a while and I can almost guarantee your stress level will come down.

Get Help

I’m not good at asking for help. I don’t think most of us are. But life isn’t meant to be shouldered alone.  Help will look different for everyone.  Maybe it is housework related and you need to ask your spouse to help you with a specific task, or maybe you can afford to have housekeeper come in every now and then. Maybe your help is mental and you need some time away, or you need someone to take your children for a little while. Perhaps you need help with teaching a particular school subject, reach out to some other homeschool moms and exchange teaching. Check out this post for more ideas on getting help in this area.

Remember the Positives

You do a lot of things during the day. A lot. Take inventory of your day and consider how incredible of a job you are doing. You love your kids, they know it. You manage to keep them fed and clothed and educated. Those are no small feats. When you begin to feel like you haven’t done enough consider the job you do, and know you are pretty amazing.

You are a homeschooler.  Time is your friend

Homeschooling offers you the unique ability to do things on your own schedule. When you are stressed about not getting something done, just remember that you set the bar. I share much more about why I’m thankful for the freedom from time restraints over on Minnesota Country Girl, hop on over there and check it out!


Homeschooling is Stressful




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