Bible Study Guide for All Ages

Bible Study Guide for All Ages {Review}

Bible Study Guide for All Ages
I have enjoyed most of the items that I have reviewed this year, loved several of them, but this one might be my absolute favorite so far. After just the first night we all sat down as a family to do this study- and we kind of stumbled through it because of the newness of reading, and answering and coloring and drawing, our kids repeatedly ask can we do bible study. And I’m not sure there is anything that makes this heart more happy then when they want to study God’s word together. We reviewed Bible Study Guide for All Ages the Primary and Advanced Levels. 

What I loved about this program from the start is that (with the exception of the primary lessons) The other lessons follow along together. So if you have students at different age levels, you would be reading the same Bible Story but the questions and the activities are age appropriate for each level. I LOVE that! I love that we can all come together in a common story and then work on the book at our own pace and then talk about it again together.

Bible Study Guide for All Ages offers 4 levels of Bible Study to get through. We reviewed the first 26 lessons of each book. Which is 1 quarter. There are 4 quarters that are available to get you through the year.

Bible Study Guide for All Ages


We received the Beginner Student Guide as well as the teacher guide, along with a Beginner Timeline Set . The program also comes with a CD of Bible Songs that I didn’t receive but wish I would have since the songs are mentioned in every lesson, and I believe they probably play an important role in some of the bible memorization.  I had planned on purchasing it myself but time got away from me.

I appreciated how multi sensory the student page is set up. It’s set up with five different areas you work through in each lesson.

Learn the Basics – A review using the time line cards

Sing And Remember– In this section you may recite something you learned, answer questions about the lesson, and/or sing a song from the CD

Get Active– This is a short object lesson that has the students doing something that pertains to the lesson. For example in lesson 6, it tells you to tape a happy and sad face on opposite sides of the room. You read statements of kids making good/bad choices and your child moves to the appropriate face in the room.

Discover– The meat of the lesson. As you are reading along in the story, each part of the story is numbered and it corresponds to a picture. With each picture there is something to do. For example in the story of Joseph and Potiphar’s house the picture shows Joseph’s brothers selling him into slavery. The direction is to color Potiphar and Joseph blue.

Apply– In this section they read a verse and then this is where they begin to make connections between the bible and the object lesson by answering questions and applying it to their life. 

It was fun going through the this bible study with Maddie, it was the first one that she has done where she has had her own “thing” to work on. She really enjoyed being part of the big kids.

Bible Study Guide for All Ages

Advanced Level:

The older levels is set up similarly with it’s own sections.

We had the option to receive the wall maps and time-line but because of the amount of space it would require I chose not to.  Along with this level I did receive the Bible Book Summary Cards that go along with each lesson and further help with bible memorization.

Remember it?- A review of important details from the previous lessons

Memory Workout– Learn the information on the Bible Book Summary Card and sing a song from the CD

Guess What– Definition of words and historical information

Discover the Bible– Students read from their bibles and interact with the illustrations. There are questions they have to answer and respond to.

Time Line-Students use the Timeline to see the big picture and understand the story line of the bible and how it all fits together.

Maps– Simple maps are used for understanding

Get Active- A fun challenge that pertains to the lesson

Apply– A key verse from the lesson will be read and students have the opportunity to make the connection from the story to real life.

Bible Study Guide

What we thought:

I already started with “I loved it.” But I can reiterate that again. I really love this curriculum! I did fumble through the first lesson a bit, trying to make sure that I was hitting all the parts correctly with both my bigs and little, but after that short learning curve it was pretty easy to navigate.

I love the different components of the study, the visual aids are bright and cheery, the bible timeline and summary cards gives the added boost to bible memory and the lessons are engaging. I really do wish I would have purchased the CD, and I probably will for the future, that would have been the cherry on top of this whole program.

And I really had thought that I would get a little push back from our kids for having them do the lessons during our official summer break, but that never crossed their minds, and I didn’t mention it. Ha!  -I mean, after all we shouldn’t really take a break from God’s word anyway!

Bible Study Guide

Bible Study Guide for all ages has bible studies available all the way from Pre-k-Adult. Our team only reviewed the Pre-k through 5/6th grade ones so if you want to get their thoughts on the levels I didn’t cover, you can check them all out by clicking below.

Bible Study Guide For All Ages {Reviews}
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Bible Study Guide for All Ages

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Bible Study Guide for All Ages

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